In order to perform our daily activities, our body needs energy, normally found in the food we eat. It is therefore important to have a balanced diet. But because our lifestyles, there are never enough hours in a day, and we sometimes find ourselves not being able to prepare a nutritious, balanced meal, or even a meal at all!

Ensure® Gold, provides your body with the nutrients it requires to keep going, so you can perform at your optimum.

Getting the right nutrients in the right amounts can help us conserve energy and benefit our health in general, HELPING IMPROVE OUR STRENGTH IN 8 WEEKS

1.       Vitamins B2, B6, B12

  • Helps to reduce fatigue and tiredness, increasing energy levels .5

2.       Vitamin D

  • Helps improve bone strength and maintain normal muscle and immune functions.6

3.       Calcium

  • Helps support strong bones.6

4.       Biotin:

  • Contributes to normal energy metabolism.7

5.       Chromium

  • Helps maintain normal blood glucose levels.7

6.       Copper

  • Contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative damage.

*When taken twice per day with light exercise (Berton et al., 2015).

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