5 Ways to Preserve Muscles As You Age

Aging is inevitable, but muscle loss doesn't have to be. Preserve muscles with a few simple strategies.

Did you know that from age 40, healthy adults start to lose up to 8% of muscle each decade, and after 70, that rate almost doubles up to 15%?1,2

Advanced muscle loss, or sarcopenia, affects nearly 1 in 3 people over the age of 60.3 Not only are muscles important for everyday physical tasks like picking things up, reaching for something, opening a jar or getting up off a chair, but healthy muscles are essential for organ function, skin health, immunity and your metabolism.3-5 In other words, maintaining muscle mass as you age is essential for prolonging a happy and healthy life.

"Muscle loss is the aging factor that's rarely discussed and people accept its signs, such as loss of strength and energy, as a natural part of aging," explains Suzette Pereira, Ph.D., a researcher specializing in muscle health with Abbott. "But muscle health can often tell us how we are going to age, and stay active and independent."

The good news is that with the right steps, you can help slow down any muscle loss.

While aging is natural, muscle loss doesn't have to be inevitable. To stay strong as you age, start following the tips below to fuel and keep muscles fit for years to come!

Stay Strong as You Age.



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Article available at: https://www.nutritionnews.abbott/healthy-living/aging-well/5-ways-to-age-proof-your-muscles/

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