Take the Ensure Stand for Strength Challenge to be in with a chance of WINNING a £250 Amazon voucher, plus other prizes! 

Did you know that between the ages of 40 to 70 we lose about 8% of our muscle mass every decade? It’s time to test your muscle strength (and have the chance to WIN some great prizes!) by entering our Ensure Stand for Strength challenge.

To take part in the challenge and enter the giveaway, you must complete the following steps:

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Video your attempt with your phone and share it in the comments section of the Facebook post, or on Instagram, either on your main profile or as an Instagram Story using the hashtag #Stand4Strength and tagging us @ensurenutrivigoruk

Join in the challenge on social media

Words of caution:

  • Be careful not to strain or injure yourself
  • Stop the challenge immediately if your knees or legs start to hurt.
  • Don’t lean back to gain momentum, or you may topple backwards.
  • Do the test when you have a friend or family member around to support you.
  • Do not try the test if you have had a recent fall or injury, or if you are recovering from a medical procedure.


Please note that you are partaking in this activity at your own risk. If you have concerns, please seek the advice of a healthcare professional before attempting this activity. 

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Your muscles impact more than just how you look on the outside. Muscles play a vital role in your body’s movement, balance and posture, as well as your metabolism and even facial structure. Maintaining your muscles can be more challenging as you get older, but nutrition is key – a balanced diet of vitamins, minerals and macronutrients can benefit overall health. Ensure Nutrivigor is a powdered nutritional shake containing vitamin D, protein and calcium, specially formulated to help support, build and repair muscles.

The terms and conditions for the Stand for Strength Facebook Competition can be found here.

The terms and conditions for the Stand for Strength Instagram Competition can be found here.


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