Did you know? In the UK, there are up to 4.7 million surgical admissions every year. It’s common after surgery to feel tired, lacking in energy, drained or just not your usual self!

From 40 years of age healthy adults can naturally lose up to 8% of muscle mass every decade which may lead to a feeling of lack of strength.

Events such as surgery or injury that require a period of rest can exacerbate this feeling and may cause you to lose further muscle mass, so it’s important to take the appropriate action to look after yourself and your body properly during this time.

What role does muscle play in your recovery?

What role does muscle play in your recovery?

Most people associate muscles with movement and physical strength, but muscles also play an important role in metabolic function. In other words, your muscles act as an important energy reserve, when other sources of energy in the body are low.

Under normal circumstances, what you eat can fuel your energy needs. However, during illness or recovery from injury or surgery, your needs are increased. Therefore, your body relies more on your muscles to help balance this and will compensate by breaking down muscle.

As a result, it’s common to lose muscle mass during periods of recovery, which may result in you feeling tired, fatigue and simple activities may require more effort than they did before.

Did you know?

Healthy 30-70-year olds naturally lose 3-8% of muscle mass with age

Healthy 60+ year olds can lose muscle mass over 10 days of bed rest

Loss of muscle mass can be accelerated during times of critical illness

This can increase to around 18% when having spent over 10 days in intensive care for certain muscle groups

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